2016 Sherwood Drive, (Customer Pick Up Orders - Park Centre Hotel Front Desk), T8A 3X3, Sherwood Park

15117 Stony Plain Road, T5P 3Y2, Edmonton



Located in Sherwood Park, Cloud Kitchen Concepts is a purveyor of unique cloud kitchen brands, that are dedicated to restaurant quality, chef inspired items delivered to your table.

What is a Cloud Kitchen? These days, we store our photos, stream our movies, and even run our businesses in the cloud. And more and more often, whether we realize it or not, it’s also where we’re ordering our food.

Introducing cloud kitchens, commercial facilities purpose-built to produce food specifically for delivery. These commissary kitchens are sometimes also known as ghost kitchens, shared kitchens or virtual kitchens with the delivery-only food brands operating within them called virtual restaurants.

Maybe you’re thinking: “this is nothing new” and in a way, you are right. Chinese restaurants have been making the most of delivery for decades. And the pizza industry has practically built its business around optimizing for delivery. But moving to a delivery-only model has been made possible recently by advances in technology and changes in consumer habits. It offers certain advantages over offering delivery from a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.

At the core of our brand new deliver only restaurant concepts is the promise of chef approved, expertly prepared dishes in our kitchen. If its a night off from cooking, a lunch meeting, or a late night craving, rely on our culinary excellence to exceed your expectations.

Flavor Bomb Wings (Sherwood Park)

Monday - Sunday 
 12AM - 2AM, 10:45AM - 11:59PM

Flavor Bomb Wings (West Edmonton)

Monday - Sunday 
 11AM - 11:05PM